Saturday, December 4, 2010

Joe's Awesome List of Free Tools for Internet Businesses

Free tools for website building and SEO? Oh yeah, we've got them.
Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Want to know how many people are searching for keywords in your niche? This tool will give you all the dirt, including other better-ranking phrases that relate to the keywords you've thought of.

Domain Samurai
This awesome tool has pro-level features but is free! You type in keywords that you're interested in, and it finds related keywords, then analyzes the whole set for you. For each keyword or keyphrase, it can tell you the estimated search traffic per day, number of competing results, Adwords cost per click, and value indicators based on expected traffic and cost per click. Pick a keyphrase, and it will also help you find available domains for it! Domain Samurai is a sister product of Market Samurai, which all the big guys are using.

Commercial Intention Analyzer
You've got some keywords in mind but what to know if people who search for them really want to buy something, or just want information. This site is for you. “Fuji camera” has a 94% commercial probability. “Sinus infect,” not. (Unless, of course, it's “sinus infection cure.”)

WebRank Toolbar
While you're researching keywords, check out the competition. This toolbar for Firefox will tell you the Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, how many pages Google has indexed for it, how many backlinks Google sees for it, and a bunch of other stuff, all at once and all without you having to do anything.

PageRank Checker
Whereas the toolbar gives you the domain ranking and stats only, this one can tell you the page rank of an individual page within a site. If most of your competitors are individual pages on big sites like Hubpages, chances are, their true rank is much less than Hubpages' 6/10.

Keyword Questions
Once you've chosen some good keywords, plug them into this tool to help you think of topics for different articles to write. It will tell you questions relating to your keyword and their popularity.

Google Webmaster tools
Once you've built your site, submit it to Google. You can also see Google's analysis of it, straight from the horse's mouth, once it's big enough.

Google Analytics
Awesome, detailed reports about the traffic on your website. Find out how many visitors you have, the trends, how long they stick around, where they live, what kind of browser they're using... Hard to believe it's all free.

Webmaster & SEO Tools
This site contains an assortment of small tools to do specific things: check a site's page rank in Google, report on how many backlinks it has, things like that. You can use this to check out the competition, and as your site starts moving up in the ranks, these tools can help you track it. You can only make 10 queries per hour with the free version, but that's still a good bit of information.

Free Article Spinner
To publicize your sites, you need to write a lot of articles and get them published on other sites. Include a link back to your site in your profile. This story spinner is free and basic. You enter your text into their web-based form with alternatives and synonyms already included in brackets, and their software will randomly choose an option for each spot. It's kind of like creating a Mad Lib. If I had used it to generate this article, the title might of looked something like this: {Joe's|My|The} {Awesome|Best|Number one} {Freebie List|List of Free Tools|List of Free Software} for {Web|Internet} Businesses

Basically, any group of words or phrases in {}s is a set of options, and the | character separates them. The software chooses randomly from each group, so you might get My Awesome List of Free Software for Web Businesses, Joe's Number one Freebie List for Internet Businesses, The Best List of Freebies for Web Businesses, and so on. From what I understand, there are better products out there, but they're all for Windows, so I can't say. Better to stick with the free stuff until you get a good cash flow going anyway.

Nofollow Link Checker
Even if you're using a spinner to help you rewrite your articles, it still takes work. You don't want to be posting them on a site that won't give you search engine credit for them. You can check to see whether a site allows search engines to follow links on its pages, or whether it has them tagged “nofollow” using this free tool. Again, simple but handy.

All of these great tools are helping me earn money without a job. If you lost your job or just hate going to work, join the revolution.


Well, here I am

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Hey, I'm Joe. I don't have a job, and you might think I'd be bummed. At first I was, but you know what? I hated that job anyway. I hated fighting rush hour traffic to be at my desk on time, paste a smile on my face, kiss the boss's butt, and do a lot of pointless crap while other people make money off me. What's the point? Every day, I felt like my life was slipping away from me.

Once I got laid off, I decided to look for a better way to earn money than licking someone's boots and trading my life for just enough to pay the mortgage and car payment. First I read The Four-Hour Workweek, then I got excited! Tim Ferriss is right: why should I follow all the rules and do what I'm told my whole life, and wait until I'm 65 to really live? Forget that!

If you're in the same boat, it's time to read up! Here are some blogs I read:
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Also, check out my new site: How to Make Money without a Job. I'm starting to make money online  so I never have to slave for the man again. I'm putting all the products that have taught me what I needed to know on the site so other people can do it too.